About us

Kindata is an innovative spin-off from Euranova, a leading data consultancy with a dedicated research centre and product incubator.

The incubator launched Digazu, the «data product factory» an all-encompassing end-to-end data platform. Digazu championed the principles of a data mesh and data product approach, sparking significant interest.
While rolling out Digazu, we noticed two trends. Many enterprises were intrigued by the data mesh and data product ideas, yet reluctant to overhaul large portions of their existing data infrastructure. Concurrently, there was a growing need for data leaders to demonstrably create business value from their data initiatives.

Recognising these trends, we embarked on a pilot programme with a dozen partner companies. Our mission was to bridge the gap between existing data infrastructures and the increasing demand to extract tangible business value from data.

The outcome of these collaborative efforts is Kindata. We have distilled the concepts of data productisation and business value alignment into a platform that complements, rather than disrupts, existing data infrastructures.
Kindata activates metadata, fosters value creation via a data product strategy, and enables enterprises to fully harness their data potential.

With our roots deeply embedded in Euranova’s research-oriented culture and hands-on experience with data productisation, we are uniquely positioned to help organisations unlock the true potential of their data.