Data product catalogue

Understanding the potential of enterprise data is essential in a business environment where data assets often vary significantly in their ability to drive business outcomes. Our Data Product Catalogue is designed to address this critical requirement.

Its primary function is to provide clear documentation of not only what data is available but also how this data is consumed within your organisation.
By presenting all relevant data in a standardised, easy-to-understand manner, we simplify the data discovery process. The Data Product Catalogue hides the complexities of underlying technologies, offering an intuitive interface for data consumers to locate what they need.

The Data Product Catalogue serves as a dynamic tool for Data Product Owners. It enables them to manage their relationships with data consumers, maintain a comprehensive view of downstream data product usage, and adapt to changing needs over time.
At its core, our Data Product Catalogue is designed to streamline data consumption and enhance the value created from your data assets.

Business use case portfolio

A common obstacle in many organisations is ensuring persistent alignment between their data sourcing, business value realisation, and risk management efforts. Our Business Use Case Portfolio is designed to effectively address this issue.

The Business Use Case Portfolio is purpose-built to manage the entire lifecycle of business use cases, focusing on three primary dimensions: business value, data sourcing, and risk.

Business value within our portfolio relates to the relevance of insights drawn from the data, not merely the data itself. Too often, organisations maintain expensive data infrastructures to support business use cases that no longer generate significant insights or business value. Our approach differs. We engage with the business side regularly to track the value of insights generated over time, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

In terms of data sourcing, we identify the necessary data to support each business use case. This dependency link between business use cases and data products is maintained and updated throughout the lifecycle of the business use case.

For risk management, we evaluate the characteristics of the consumed data. This includes an assessment of sensitive or confidential information and the domains from which data is derived, empowering your organisation to stay proactive.

In summary, our Business Use Case Portfolio is a dynamic tool aimed at maintaining the alignment of your business value realisation, data sourcing, and risk management efforts over time.


Most of the information required to establish your data product catalogue already resides within your enterprise. 

It’s scattered across your data catalogues or embedded within your underlying data platforms, often a mix of both.

Unlike traditional data catalogues that usually adopt a bottom-up approach, Kindata employs a distinct top-down strategy. 

Our focus is narrower, yet we address a critical segment of your data landscape: the activation of metadata to ensure alignment of data productisation with business value.

We draw the necessary data from your catalogues, fostering a business-centric perspective designed to drive tangible value.

In essence, we aim to not only fit into your existing data infrastructure but also enhance its potential by addressing a crucial, often overlooked aspect of data management.