Use cases and roles

Data product owners

As a Data Product Owner, your role is critical to the governance and maximisation of your data sets’ business value. It is you who bridges the gap between technical data management and business value creation, transitioning from a service-oriented to a product-focused approach. 

Kindata provides you with a collaborative environment to effectively productise your data assets and streamline their lifecycle management, ensuring your data initiatives deliver tangible business value.


Unified Data Productisation

Our platform provides a consistent way to productise your data sets across various data environments, regardless of their complexity or diversity. You can seamlessly transform your data assets into business-relevant data products.

Efficient Lifecycle Management

Manage your data products’ lifecycle with ease and efficiency. From creation to decommissioning, every stage is streamlined, making your role as a data product owner less stressful and more impactful.

Standardised Collaboration Interface

Interact with your data consumers using a standard interface, simplifying communication and ensuring clear understanding of data products. This encourages seamless collaboration and paves the way for better business outcomes.

Business Value Feedback Loop

Get insights into the business value your data products are generating. This feedback loop allows you to continuously refine your data products, aligning them more closely with business objectives and maximising their value over time.

The role of a Data Product Owner varies across organisations. For some, it’s a natural progression for data engineers who seek to transition from purely technical roles to more strategic, product-oriented positions. In other organisations, a Data Product Owner might be a distinct function altogether. Regardless of the context, Kindata is here to support. Our platform fosters a product-focused mindset that enhances business value and maximises the utility of your data assets.