Use cases and roles

Data productisation

Data Productisation is the process of packaging any dataset into a valuable asset or «product» that can be easily understood, accessed, and utilised by different stakeholders within an organisation.

At Kindata, we recognise that transitioning datasets into data products is vital for executing successful business use cases and for driving tangible business value. However, this process can pose significant complexities.

Kindata’s solution goes beyond just being a tool; it provides a dynamic collaborative environment designed to guide and facilitate the journey towards becoming a data product-centric organisation. Our solution embeds the principles of data productisation into everyday operations, seamlessly weaving the process into the organisational fabric.

This collaborative environment simplifies the transformation of datasets into accessible data products while also establishing clear accountability for their ongoing maintenance. This dual approach ensures that data products remain relevant, useful, and capable of continually driving business value over time.

Our approach to data productisation enables:


By establishing uniform standards for data publication and consumption, we simplify the understanding across different teams within an organisation, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


Through our Data Product Catalogue, we ensure that your data products are easily discoverable and accessible, enabling stakeholders to find the right data when they need it.


With a focus on the end-user, we design data products to be easy to consume and apply to various business use cases.


Incorporating governance practices throughout the data productisation process, we help maintain the integrity, reliability, and compliance of your data products.

By promoting data productisation, we pave the way for a more structured, efficient, and value-driven data management approach.

Getting started:

Data Productisation Assessment

Embarking on your data productization journey can be a challenge. Our tailored methodology is designed to pave your path to a successful transition. This comprehensive assessment involves individual interactions with key stakeholders, carried out through a supportive method that encourages open communication and ensures all perspectives are considered.

We begin by assessing your current data landscape and productisation maturity, comparing it with industry best practices. This forms the foundation of our personalised approach, allowing us to understand where you stand and what your specific needs are.

Following the assessment, we present a detailed report that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement. This report includes practical recommendations and a roadmap with clear next steps to guide you on your journey towards successful data productization.

This interactive, consultative process is designed to help your organisation successfully navigate the complexities of data productisation, positioning you to effectively execute business use cases and drive tangible business value.

to learn more about how our Data Productisation assessment can support your organisation’s data-driven goals.