Use cases and roles

Data consumers

As a Data Consumer, your role is critical for creating value from data. You deliver business use cases via BI reports, data science models, or other means, serving the business side of the organisation. Data is your fuel, and without it, delivering value becomes impossible. Additionally, you manage relationships with your business stakeholders, aligning their needs with data-driven solutions. 


Standardised View of Data Products

Enjoy a cohesive view of all data products within the enterprise, including tailored recommendations specific to your projects. This structured view significantly simplifies your data discovery process.

Streamlined Approval Process

Gain access to the data you need in a self-service mode. Our straightforward approval process ensures you get the data you need promptly, accelerating your time-to-insight and independence.

Single Collaborative Environment

Manage all your project stakeholders – the business, governance, and data sourcing teams – in one unified environment. This encourages smoother communication, better coordination, and alignment towards shared goals.

Transparent Requirement Management

Express and track your data needs in an unambiguous way. This feature eases data requirement management and guarantees clear communication of your needs to all stakeholders.

Kindata equips you with the tools to source, understand, and utilise data efficiently. We help you maximise the business value you can generate and improve the relationships you maintain with your business stakeholders.