Key concepts

Data products

Data Productisation is the process of packaging any dataset into a valuable asset or «product» that can be easily understood, accessed, and utilised by different stakeholders within an organisation. 

Our approach to data productisation enables:


Data products should be easily located, with supportive information like domain, owner, lineage, and quality metrics readily available.


Consistent access is key, achieved through standardised naming, formats, and a unique permanent address.


Comprehensive documentation and clear schema description enable easy interpretation of the data product.


Adherence to service-level objectives establishes trust. This includes aspects like change intervals, timeliness, completeness, freshness, availability, performance, and lineage.


Data products should easily blend with others. Standardised metadata and types foster enterprise-wide data harmonisation.


Ease of access using native tools is crucial, aligning with the skill sets and languages of different domain teams.


Data products should inherently uphold robust access control, ownership, and governance standards.


The ultimate test of a data product is its utility – enhancing business performance. Usage and contribution to business results demonstrate its value.

By integrating these properties, data products transform raw and transformed data into actionable, valuable assets, offering immense potential for business impact.