Use cases and roles

Business value creation

Chief Data Officers are under significant pressure to demonstrate that their data organisation delivers tangible business value. Gone are the days of «data is the new oil» and the unlimited budgets that came with it. Today, CDOs are expected to deliver value in the form of increased revenue, cost savings, risk reduction, and improved customer satisfaction.

However, the processes of creating and documenting this value are often elusive and poorly understood, which can lead to challenges in justifying investment in data initiatives. At Kindata, we directly address this problem by putting business value creation at the centre of everything we do. 

Our dynamic collaboration environment embeds the value creation process into everyday tasks, helping teams align their data activities with strategic business objectives and demonstrate the value they deliver.

Our approach to business value creation involves:

Alignment with Business Objectives

We ensure that data productisation activities are directed towards the achievement of specific business goals, thereby ensuring that data initiatives drive tangible business value.

Continuous Evaluation of Value

Our dynamic environment supports the ongoing assessment of business value derived from data usage. This allows organisations to iteratively refine their data strategies and maximise their impact over time.

Focused Data Strategy

By providing a clear view of the value generated from different data products, we enable organisations to concentrate their data strategies on areas that maximise business impact.

By prioritising business value creation, we help you ensure that your data activities are not merely driven by technology, but are fundamentally oriented towards creating measurable business value.

Getting started:

Business Value Creation Assessment

We recognize that to drive business value, you must align your data program with your strategic goals. Our Business Value Creation Assessment aims to optimise your decision-making processes within your data initiatives, assisting your organisation in identifying and prioritising high-impact tasks.

That includes individual interactions with key stakeholders, where we conduct structured interviews to understand the decision-making and prioritisation models within your data programs. We delve into how business use cases are currently selected, assessed, and reviewed over time, and how these align with your organisational goals.

We then evaluate the level of involvement of business units in these data programs, as their engagement is crucial for deriving true business value. We also identify opportunities to foster cross-functional collaboration, to ensure a holistic approach to your data strategy.

This detailed examination results in an assessment report, which reviews your existing processes, benchmarks them against industry best practices, and identifies gaps. Armed with this report, we provide you with actionable recommendations for improvements and a roadmap for the next steps to enhance the value creation from your data programs.

By aligning your data initiatives with business priorities and improving the iterative review process, we ensure that your data programs are continuously driving tangible business value.